A Poem About My Body

Chest poked out.

Butt sticking out.

Lips puckered out.

Confidence oozing out of my teenage frame.


Hips spread wide.

Breasts sitting high.

Eyes to the sky.

Thank God for being 25!


I’s married now.

Let eat at Mr. Chow’s.

My stomach no longer growls.

Happy Wife, Happy Life.


Two kids in.

Hair is thin.

Stretch marks win.

Kids are a blessing, but will I ever see my amazing body again?


My kids are tall.

My waist is not small.

I look like a ball.

Whose doctor should I call?


My titties have fell.

My belly’s facing hell.

I have double chins, can you tell?


I just turned 38.

Its time to shed this unwanted weight.

There’s no time for self hate.


My body is magical.

It’s baked two miracles.

Let me be philosophical.


We are women.

We are human.

We should be comfortable in our own skin.


Our bodies go through alot.

Let’s take it easy on ourselves.

We are not robots.


Take care of your body.

And your body will take care of you.

You are a HOTTIE.

You got this Boo!


Just remember one thing:


The problem isn’t with your body, the problem is what you think of it.

And what you think of yourself…


A Poem About My Body

By: Gemise K.