My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

I’ve never been a fan of audio books and podcasts. It wasnt until my girlfriends and I created our own podcast called 4 Girls And A Bottle, that I started to pay attention to what podcasts were really about.

And even then, I never listened to outside podcasts on my own.

My girls and I decided to not continue with 4 Girls And A Bottle.


For some reason.

I kept seeing reviews on various podcasts on social media and I became curious.

I began to search and seek out podcasts that I could possibly relate to.

After discovering a few, I’m now totally into them.

I listen every morning and every evening during traffic.

I love podcasts relating to life (motherhood, family, relationships, friendships, marriage, work, goals, etc).

In very blunt, transparent ways.

I love to feel like the pod casters are my friends in my head.

I laugh with them, cuss with them, cry with them.

Needless to say.

I’m hooked!

I picked the following top five podcasts that I’ve been listening to this year.


Ratchet and Respectable

I’m in love with Demetria Lucas. I’ve been in love with her since her reality show days (Blood, Sweat and Heels). She is truly my best friend in my head and she is from PG County, MD.  Her articulation, relatability and transparency makes her podcast my favorite. I look forward to my weekly dose of Ratchet and Respectable.

She just gets me!

One of my favorite episodes: Homecoming, Homegoing and Hard Choices

Nickie’s Thoughts

You ever have that friend that gives it to you STRAIGHT. When you are wrong, she is the one who genuinely respects you, protects you and will hurt your feelings all in the name of love. That is Nickie. She provides a transparent wisdom that is ALWAYS needed. Her podcast intro music alone wakes me up on the way to work. Unapologetic, opinionated, free-spirited, and amazingly straight forward, this life coach gets me all the way together. Life can get you down. Some people just need a swift kick in the ass to keep going.

I am people.

And that’s why Nickie’s Thoughts is one of my top favorites!

One of my favorite episodes: Dealing With Toxic Parents

Fun Time Moms

Two honest, unfiltered, sexy Mom friends who discuss relatable Mom s**t!! Ashley and Alicia navigate all facets of millennial parenting. I laugh with them as they share candid real life stories about motherhood, marriage and inappropriateness. They are from Baltimore (my hometown), so there is a nostalgic element of “home” when I listen to them. I love when they introduce the drink meter each week. They ask, “on a scale of 1-10, how many drinks does your week equate to?” I find myself answering the question out loud in my car!

I’m like this week is a 10 drink week!!

And that’s why I’m a Fun Time Mom!!

One of my favorite episodes: Lets Talk About Sex

So Shameless

Now you know we always need that male perspective. Tahoe is that male perspective. A perfect mixture of masculinity, transparency and humor. Tahoe hosts with cohosts Daja and DJ Trauma. Laughter out loud is real in my car every time I listen to this podcast. The transparency, the hostility, the New York accents, the raw and shameless banter!

My guilty pleasure!!!

One of my favorite episodes: Damn, Mike Really “Touched” Everybody

Small Doses

Amanda Seales drops gem after gem in this podcast. Side effects include: Wokeness, Laughter, Positive Perspective, Femininity and Insight. Her side effects are on time and hilarious. This podcast makes me proud to be a black woman.

 One of my favorite episodes: Side Effects of Narcissists


 Would love to hear yours below!