Konfessions Of A Fashionable Mind

Konfashionable Mind.

“Konfessions + Fashion + Inspiration = Konfashionable Mind”

This was the tagline for my blog.

The definition of what my blog is about.

The goal was to create beautiful, plush pictures of myself in fabulous fashion finds.

The goal was to post fashion/beauty tips.

The goal was to travel and document my adventures.

The goal was to encourage everyone to attend tea parties.

The goal was to share all things that inspired me.

Truth is.

Those goals were frustrating.

They were unrealistic, given my resources.

They were not genuine.

Those goals were created based on someone else’s blog goals.


Truth is.

I was confused.

I desperately searched for my voice to help steer me in the right direction.

It was very difficult.

Digging deep within yourself to figure out the “Why” is not easy.

Why did I create Konfashionable Mind?

Why should anyone subscribe to Konfashionable Mind?

How will Konfashionable Mind serve others?

What is your goal for Konfashionable Mind?

I asked myself these questions and sent myself into a tail spin.

Truth is.

I was not clear on the goal for my blog.

It took me a year to realize that I was going in the wrong direction.

A year to find my voice.

A year to discover my writing style.

A year to acknowledge the fact that this blog is bigger than me.

I didn’t create Konfashionable Mind.

God created it.

Konfashionable Mind was created to discover my worth.

Konfashionable Mind was created to increase my confidence.

Konfashionable Mind was created to reveal my purpose.

He created Konfashionable Mind and He blatantly told me that no one was interested in ME and MY experiences.

He said that people cared way more about what I could teach them.

Don’t you just love our relationship?

God gives it to me straight, no chaser!

He knows what to say so that I receive the message.

Instead of working with God’s purpose for Konfashionable Mind.

I created my own purpose.

Doing things my way.

Then wondering why I was so confused and frustrated.

I surrendered…

My vision for Konfashionable Mind has changed drastically since its onset.

The focus is no longer on creating beautiful, plush pictures of myself in fabulous fashion finds, posting fashion/beauty tips, traveling and documenting my adventures, encouraging everyone to attend tea parties and only sharing things that inspire me.

Me, Me, Me.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Beauty and all things fashion are still my passion.

I will still post beauty, fashion and things that inspire me.


My perspective has shifted.

I’m living.

I’m writing.

I’m focused on sharing my life experiences with you.

Good or Bad.

I’m not only writing about what inspires me.

I’m writing to inspire you.

I’m writing to motivate you.

I’m writing to encourage you.

I’d like to re-introduce you to…

Konfashionable Mind