Journey to 135- Week 5

Week 5.

Week 5 was stressful.

Food alleviates my stress.

Its comfort to my soul.

I felt like scrapping my Journey to 135

And settling for a journey to 335.

My week was rough.

Last week, I decided to remove coffee from my diet.

Coffee is another source of comfort.

Once I have my morning coffee, all is well with the world.

PMS striked this week.

I have the worst PMS ever.

Im a moody, evil person when PMS strikes.

The lack of food, caffeine and PMS sent me spiraling downwards.

An anxiety attack triggered.

I was sitting in my car, about to head into work.

And it began.

My heart started beating really fast.

The clammy, shaking hands.

The overwhelming fear of nothing in particular.

The headache.

The uneasiness.

Once I made it inside of the building, I headed to Starbucks.

Since I removed coffee out of my life, I now opt for London Fog Tea Lattes (recipe post coming soon).

I get to the barista to order and this is what went down:

Barista: Hello, how may I help you?”

Me: Yes, Id like a London Tea Fog Latte?

Barista: I’m sorry, what was that?

Me: Ummm, a London Tree Frog Latte

Barista Laughs: You mean a London Tea Fog Latte?

Embarrassed Me: Yes, that’s it.

Barista: Are you okay?

Me: I’m fine.

I wasn’t fine.

I got back to my desk, closed my eyes and breathed.

I imagined myself in a fancy tea house, sipping tea and eating macaroons.

(No, not a beach, a tea house. Tea houses are my happy place. LOL!)

I felt myself instantly loosening up.

I posted my anxiety struggle on Facebook.

A good friend of mine responded.

She said,

Inhale, exhale and repeat 7 times: My  mind is clear, my heart is open, my body is loose, and I am free.

I did exactly what she suggested.

Following the quick meditation, I ate my breakfast, drank my tea.

Next thing you know.

I was back to normal.

My sense of humor returned.

My jokes were on fire!

I had my girls rolling in laughter.

I used to allow anxiety to run rampant in my  life.

I’m thankful that I have the ability to recognize an attack and eventually shut it down in a healthy way.

PMS craving were real this week. Instead of enjoying my usual sugary confections, I opted for one dark chocolate bar. Each time I felt a craving, I tore off a square of chocolate and imagined it was peach cobbler. I do not like the taste of dark chocolate, but I’m getting used to it.

I did not make it to the gym this week.

I fell off the wagon with my Twerkouts.

My energy levels were very low.

But guess what!

Next week is a new week!

I’ll be back to it.

Its warming up outside.

Maybe I’ll go for a walk outside.


Another good friend of mine (who runs) suggested that I join a running team. I am very intimidated by this said running team, however, I am very curious.

Its an all girls team.

We shall see.

Journey to 135…