Journey to 135: Weeks 1-4

Let’s see.

My Journey to 135.

Healthy Living Lifestyle.

Summed into one word.


Weeks 1-4 have been a rollercoaster.

A mixture of GLOWAGE and the RUINATION of everything I have ever lived for.

Let’s start with the RUINATION:

I’ve been eating whatever I’ve wanted since I was a new-born.

I’ve always been skinny.

As a kid, I ate a mixture of good food and bad food.

As a teenager, I opted for more disastrous options, such as pizzas, cheesesteaks, carryout food, cakes, candy and junk, junk and mo junk!

As a young adult, still the same, JUNK!

As a young wife, still the same, JUNK!

As a young mother, still the same, JUNK, minus sleep.

As a mid thirty something young woman, eating became a coping mechanism.

Instead of eating for strength, I was eating for comfort.

Ill be 38 this May.

It’s now time for a change.

Change is inevitable.

I’m embracing change.

With that being said.

Lets Discuss the GLOWAGE:

Week 1: I called myself following a Keto diet. I ate shrimp and a different vegetable each day of the week. I meal prepped and had the same thing for lunch and dinner. I opted for oatmeal for breakfast each day and increased my water intake. By that weekend, I had the worst headache ever. A dull headache that would not go away even with medication. I realized that too much of a good thing can make you sick. I quickly learned that Keto was not for me and that I had to switch things up. I decided that clean eating is the path for me. I also have this anxiety with gyms that I have yet to conquer (more about that another day), so I decided to do Twerkouts with Keiara Lashay in the privacy of my living room. Not too bad for the first week.

Week 2: I continued my evening Twerkouts and I switched to a clean eating diet by adding chicken and sweet potatoes to the shrimp and green veggies that I love eating. I implemented vitamins and purchased a sparkly water bottle to consume more water (I figure if its sparkly, the chances that I use it increases). I continued to meal prep each day and added egg white omelettes to my breakfast. I also chose to create a cheat day (Saturdays!!). A day where I can indulge and be merry (also remembering that too much of a good thing can make me sick). I love Starbucks and was sad when I realized that most of those specialty drinks would not work for my new lifestyle. I researched healthy Starbucks drink options and I found the PINK DRINK . Life was back to rainbows and unicorns, as it should be! Carry on!

Week 3: I weigh myself every morning. This week I weighed in at 152 pounds. Not bad. I’ve lost 2 pounds so far. Maybe those Twerkouts are coming in handy for more than just Girls Nights! I continued with clean eating and mixing up chicken and shrimp with veggies. National Pancake Day fell this week and I will say I had to have a few bites of the kids pancakes at IHOP. Pancakes never tasted so good! The only difference is instead of eating the whole pancake, I only ate a few bites. I don’t personally believe you should deprive yourself of unhealthy food. A few bites for taste here and there is okay for me. I’m trying to cut coffee next week. Pray for me!

Week 4: I LOST ANOTHER 2 POUNDS! I’ve lost a total of 4 pounds! It may not seem like much, but that’s huge for me. I’ve never deliberately lost pounds EVER! I also noticed something else…


I noticed it in my Selfies and then others started noticing it. Glowing without the assistance of makeup. I wonder what that’s about? Is it the increase in water? The clean diet? Vitamins? The absence of foolishness in my life?

Whatever it is, I LOVE IT!!

This week, I incorporated more snacks in my diet, to eliminate hunger between meals. My snacks include the following:

  • Toasted Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins with Almond Butter and Honey
  • Greek Yogurt and Granola
  • Hummus on Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Do you guys know of any other healthy snack options that I could try?

I’m allergic to fresh fruit, so I normally avoid fruit. I’ve been testing Smoothies to incorporate in my diet and so far its been successful. I love adding peanut butter to my Smoothies. Peanut Butter/Almond Butter leaves me feeling full and satisfied. I’m not mad at that!

Maybe I’ll try incorporating gyms within the next few weeks.

I don’t know about that.

But we’ll see….


Journey to 135