Who Is This Woman?

Ten years ago.

There was an older woman that worked in the same building that I worked in.

Eclectic and Bold.

I’d never seen a woman wear striped button ups with polka dotted pencil skirts. Fishnets with blazers and short skirts. Leopard print cat eye frames. She wore her collars sticking straight up in the air. Fabrics that didn’t match, but matched!

Who is this woman!

She walked with confidence and had an air of superiority, yet graceful.

Her walk alone stated that she was not here for others opinions of her. Her look stated that she was unapologetically stylish. And quite frankly, whatever her job was, she knew her shit.

Every time she walked into a room, Id drop what I was doing and my eyes would follow her.

My co-workers would say ” there goes your lady”.

They understood why I was captivated by this woman.

She captured the essence of what I aspired to be.

Then one day.

I was standing in line for coffee and she walked up right behind me.

I froze.

She was standing right behind me and I wanted to turn around and say something to her, but I couldn’t.

I was too shy and unbelievably nervous.

As I stood there, appearing real lame.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around and was staring at her face to face.

She smiled and said to me.

“I love your outfit, you are so stylish. I see you from time to time and I say to myself, who is this woman?

Who Is This Woman!

In my head:

” Who am I? “

“I’m someone who has only been admiring you for oh, five years or so, and patterns my confidence after you, but such is life!!”

I smiled and calmly thanked her and explained that her style was such an inspiration to me.

Long story short.

You never know who is inspired by you.

My inspiration was also inspired by me.

I’m not sure what ever happened to her. I moved to another building.

I never got her name.

She still inspires me to this day.

Who was that woman?