Hot Water or Espresso?

I’ve had my Nespresso machine since Christmas.

Hubby gave it to me as a Christmas gift because I’m a coffee lover.

I waited so long to use it because its so fancy and shiny.

I decided to use it this morning.

Its not just any ole coffee  maker, its a Nespresso machine.

I know I have to read the instructions carefully to ensure it works properly.

The instructions appear easy peasy.

Lets put this baby to use!

I install everything as instructed.

I press GO.

The only thing that comes out is hot water.

Confused, I go back to the instructions.

I read again carefully for comprehension.

Alright I got this.

I press GO!

The only thing that comes out is hot water.

At this point, the bacon I’m frying simultaneously begins burning.

The scrambled eggs I’m scrambling, now resemble little rocks.

The pancakes are Frisbees. Yes, they can be thrown a few feet for Fido to catch in the air.

I’m frustrated.

My cycle is on.

My rent is high.

My daughter has an attitude.

My son is apologizing for things that have nothing to do with him.

I’m broke.

I’m feeling worthless.

I’m alone.

I’m competing with myself.

I begin to cry.

I go into the bathroom, close my door, look at myself in the mirror and just let the tears flow.

I allow the tears to run just like the hot water running out of the Nespresso machine.

My Nespresso was being stubborn and unrelenting.

Why wont the damn machine work?

The voice inside my head said:

It requires patience.

It requires attention.

It requires gentleness.

It require additional assistance.

I continue to look at myself in the mirror.

The voice inside my head continues yapping:

You act just like that machine.

You are stubborn and unrelenting.

You require patience!

You require attention!

You require gentleness!

Seek help if you need to!

Whew! I need to listen to that voice inside my head  more often.

She is a force to be reckoned with.

Feeling refreshed and motivated.

I proceed back towards my kitchen.

All the burnt food goes into the trash.

Time to start over.

This time, with patience, gentleness and with undivided attention.

My daughter comes over to assist me and instead of telling her to go and sit down.

I allow her to help me with the instructions.

I press Go.

And instead of hot water.

I got espresso, baby!

What are you getting when you press “Go”?

Hot water or Espresso?