Spring/Summer 2019 Nail Trends

Spring is finally right around the corner and Summer is down the block! I’m overly excited.

Its time to unglove those digits!!

The Spring/Summer nail trends have finally arrived and I must say, creativity is the word this season!

From bold bright colors, glam and glitz to dark hues and framed nail art. There is definitely something in here for you to pick from!

Call your manicurist and let’s dive in!


Trending Nail Shapes


Almond nails are classic! I don’t think Almond shaped nails will ever go to out of style.

Long Squared Nails

Long squared nails take me back to middle school.  I would beg my mom to allow me to get long, squared acrylic nails. They were trending in the winter and it appears that they aren’t going anywhere.

Short + Oval = Squoval

What do you get when you cross an oval shaped nail with a short, squared nail? A Squoval nail!!

Yes, this is actually a such thing and will be my go to favorite this Spring.


The stiletto shape has also returned this season. I LOVE stiletto nails. I just know to stay in my lane when it comes to nail shapes. I’m a squoval girl and I shall stay in the squoval lane.


Trending Nail Colors


What better way to bring in the spring than with a pop of color!! Yellow, that is!!!

Classic Red

Red nail polish is a perennial beauty classic – there’s nobody that a slick of bold, bright, high-gloss scarlet doesn’t suit. 


In the same way that a nude pump elongates the legs, a nude fingernail makes the hands look lengthened, feminine, and clean,” says celebrity manicurist Michelle Saunders. 


Crisp and clean. You know they say, there’s something about a white manicure/pedicure that drives men crazy.

Dark Solid Hues

When it comes to nail polish, spring/summer is traditionally the time for brights, neons, and pastels—no one is following that tradition this season!


This futuristic nail finish has no shortage of followers.


Holographic Chrome

Make sure your manicure takes center stage by trying out these gorgeous, unicorn-approved holographic nails.



Sparkle and shine!!


Trending Nail Art

Gingham Patterns

Who knew that the design known to outfit BBQ tablecloths and associated with preppy outdoor fun would be trending nail art in 2019.


French Manicured Variations

Bored with old regular French manicures? Give them a twist!!


Go hard or go home! Jeweled nails are back with a vengeance this season!


Bare Nail Art (Minimalist Designs)

Ditch the complicated designs this summer and choose more simple options. Some of the prettiest looks involve a minimalist approach.

Random Drawings

Got a Sharpie? Use it to make all kinds of easy designs. And the best part is, if you mess up, you can just wipe it.


Jelly Nails

So I’m a little “jelly” about this trend. I’ve never tried jelly nails but I’m oh so curious!!

Jelly nails are the latest gram’ worthy trend that you might be spotting all over social media. The name could invoke a couple of images, and chances are, you’re right about both. They’re as colorful as fruity jams and jellies, but they also look a lot like those rubbery throwback sandals from the ’80s and ’90s.

I don’t know ya’ll. I may have to risk it all again and come out of claw retirement for these babies!!