Konfessions: My Name is Jade…

I’ve been challenged by my mentor and good friend to put a name to the ugly, negative parts of myself.

The woman who lies.

The woman who manipulates people.

The woman who likes to gossip.

The woman who cheats.

The woman who will steal your joy.

The woman who avoids important decisions to sit in daily dysfunction.

The woman with the ugly attitude, that can cuss you out like a sailor.

That woman…

Her name is Jade.Jade is who I am when no one is looking.

Jade has no motivation, wears no makeup, doesn’t get her hair done and wears sweats all day.

Jade gets frustrated and yells at her kids.

Jade decides to eat whatever she wants and promises she will never exercise, EVER.

Jade watches porn and doesn’t need a man.

Jade has low self esteem and a hardened heart.

Jade’s self worth was compromised as a child.

Jade is problematic.

Jade needs to exit stage left…

Problem is…

Jade is human.

Jade is real.

Jade is transparent.

Jade has potential.

Jade is learning.

Jade needs a hug.

Jade is regarded as a stone that protects and supports loving heart energy. Jade also symbolizes gentleness and nourishment.

Jade is me.

My name is Jade.

What’s your name?