What’s The Tea: Lady Camelia

Guess what I did last weekend?

I braved the bitter cold and enjoyed tea with my younger sister at one of my favorite tea rooms.


Lady Camelia

I love to introduce all of my family and friends to this place because they know I enjoy tea rooms and tea houses. Many of my family and friends loathe this event.

They either have:

a. No interest in tea rooms/tea houses.

b. Grandiose thoughts that they have to dress up in order to go.

c. Disinterest in tea altogether.

d. Feelings that they have to whisper and be polite the entire time.

This is not always the case. I am actually a coffee drinker versus a tea drinker, however, I love how sitting down for tea feels. Relaxed. For me, sitting down for tea means a chance to catch up with my girls, a chance to sit my daughter down for intimate discussions and a time to go over business plans with my husband (yes, men can sit down for tea too!!).

I’d think that I normally force my loved ones to join me at tea, instead of wilful participation.

But every now and then, I’ll have a loved one demurely ask “Are you going to tea anytime soon, and if so, Id like to go…”

For those people, Lady Camelia is my go to spot.


Lady Camelia is a cute, quaint tea room tucked away, one block from the main strip of  Georgetown (Washington, DC).

Due to it’s popular location, parking is always a challenge. I highly recommend an Uber.

Tea Room

Its one of the tiniest tea rooms that I’ve ever been to, but that is one of its best features. It boasts an intimate setting and makes me feel “at home”. There is a bay window that serves as a multi-seat area with a circle table to accommodate more people (this area is gorge on a beautiful day).

The Victorian pastel pink/green wallpaper, chandelier and gold antique mirrors and frames create an absolutely picturesque venue. Their floral tea pots and the rest of the china are mix and matched, adorable and dainty as well. It definitely satisfies my childhood imagination of what a tea party is supposed to look like and the décor is Instagram-able (because we all know that’s my obsession and how I judge places).

Food and Tea

My sister and I ordered the High Tea.

The High Tea included 1 pot of tea, 2 scones/croissants , 4 pastries of choice and an English Pie of choice. This selection was around $30 per person including gratuity and tax.

Tea: They have a wide variety of teas to choose from including black, green, white, oolong, and some tropical & fruity teas. We chose the Lavender Black Tea (perfect if you enjoy cream with your tea) and the Smoky Rose Tea.

Scones/Croissants: Scones – buttery and warm; came with jam and an airy cream. We also chose the warm Apple Croissants. We devoured both!

Pastries: There is a decent variety of options, including many flavors of macarons.  We chose the following:

  • Passion Fruit Panna Cotta: perfectly tart and just the right level of sweetness (my favorite).
  • Creme Brulee: delicious with just the right amount of char!
  • Strawberry Tarte: a lot of strawberries on a little tart. quite tasty
  • Pink Champagne Macarons: Eh, they were just alright. I will definitely choose a different flavor next time.



English Pie: My whole reason for existing! The Beef Bourguignon is always my highlight of this particular tea room. Its made with a mashed potato covering and inside of the dish, the beef is so tender. I can taste the red wine inside the gravy, with the mushrooms, potatoes and carrots. Its absolutely amazing! Perfect for a cold, winter day!

Customer Service

Our waitress was very accommodating, attentive and knowledgeable. I explained to her that I love cream with my tea and she took the time to explain which teas taste exceptional with cream. The food was served in a timely fashion and when we were finished, the empty plates were cleaned off the table quickly (the tables are very small) for conversation. We were never rushed.

Full As A Tick

For those of you who think that you will leave a tea room hungry because of the dainty finger sandwiches, desserts and just tea, you are sadly mistaken. I was one of those people who once believed that, but once you are completed with everything, you leave stuffed. Its unbelievable, but true.

If you are in the Georgetown area looking for a cute tearoom to sit down, enjoy tea, pastries and conversation, then Lady Camelia is your best bet!


Pinkies Up Ladies!!!