My 2018 Year In Review

As the year comes to a close, I’m sharing with you my most memorable moments of 2018. It’s definitely been an eye opening year for me.


  • Chopped off all of my hair, marched into the hair salon and demanded a relaxer. I was so tired of my hair and its looking like there will be a repeat of this in 2019.


  • Detoxed my vagina for the first time! Detoxing my lady parts was the start of a major life detox in 2018.


  • Started my research on creating a blog. Creating a blog was something I thought about day and night and I knew it was time to stop putting the idea off.

  • I ditched birth control (Mirena) for the first time in about, EVER! I opted to remove birth control from my life permanently and gave my body a break to operate naturally. It was one of the best decisions ever.


  • Konfashionable Mind was born!  I started my very first blog website and I couldn’t have been more proud of myself! My first post was about FEAR. Little did I know that, fear, would be the magic word for 2018.

  • I thought I was cute and began my “claws” journey.
Nailed It


  • What can I say. Braids… and… Nails. Braids and Nails (in my Three Six Mafia voice)!

  • Participated in a 5 day Project Management Professional (PMP) Boot Camp and realized that the project management career path was not for me.
  • Glammed up for my first photo shoot with my best girlfriends for our then upcoming podcast affectionately called 4 Girls And A Bottle (4GAAB).



  • Started my birthday month in Miami for my friends’ bachelorette festivities. Had an amazing time!!



Turned 37 and aged backwards!

Turned 37 and aged backwards!!
  • Oh yeah, and, the Royal Wedding happened! I just love Prince Harry and Meghan and I enjoyed the entire wedding festivities!


  • 4 Girls And A Bottle debuted! Nervous, yet anxious at the same time, I conquered major fears when it came to this podcast. Learning how to express myself in front of everyone online and understanding the balance of what to say vs. what not to say. I learned how to be a team player with my best friends and partners.


  • My children started tennis camp, in which I thought would gain us the “Best Parents Ever” award. Instead we received the “Worst Parents Ever” award. The kids were not pleased…


  • Completely ruined my nails and had to enter into Nail Rehab. You see what happens when you think you are cute??
  • Realized that life is about balance. Literally!


  • My kids started third and fifth grades this year. It became painfully evident that they were getting  older. They actually looked like they were in pain as I walked them inside the school.
  • Began preparing for our family trip to Germany!


  • Focused on my blog’s purpose and finding my voice.
  • Became insanely comfortable with recording for 4GAAB.



  • I traveled to Germany with my family and had one of the best experiences of my lifetime!
My Trip to Munich, Germany
  • I found out that I’d become a new Auntie in 2019. Congratulations to my Brother and Sister in Love. Its a BOY!!!!

  • Created one of my most viewed blog posts ever —-> Fall/Winter 2018-2019 Nail Trends. I was amazed at how many viewers this post received, however, it wasn’t my most original. I’m still searching for my voice. I’m striving to do better in 2019.

  • While attending therapy, I began to understand my destructive behaviors and what triggers me. Began the process of ending that destructive cycle. Whew, 2018 whipped my ass!!


  • Discovered magnetic lashes and have been dramatic ever since.
Product Review: Magnetic Lashes
  • Decided to remain a Naturalista and started coiling my hair. This style received so many compliments in 2018.
Blonde Coiled Bombshell


  • I ponder back and forth about having another child. As my baby making age expiration draws near, I get very anxious about the possibility. Maybe, Maybe NOT.


  • Completed my crown installation process!! I no longer have a missing tooth on the side. I’ve been smiling real hard ever since.

  • Gave thanks and began reciting daily affirmations.
I’m kidding, I actually have a serious list in my arsenal.


  • Wore a hot pink evening gown in the winter and OWNED it!

  • Laughed at those who didn’t believe in me all year.

  • Gave up prideful and egotistical thinking for the sake of my family.
  • Realistically asked myself, “what is your purpose?” Still discovering that answer…
  • I also noticed a glow… I’m glowing and growing!


I’m ready for you 2019!!!