I Am Grateful For…

Photo by Carl Attard on Pexels.com

Good Health. Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.

My Children. Watching them laugh, grow, and dream keeps things in perspective.

Family. We have our ups and downs, but they really are my foundation.

Friends.  There is no way I could survive without them. Love you guys!

The Ability To Travel. “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

A Roof Over My Head. And a bed to sleep in every night. So many people aren’t fortunate enough to have such a simple amenity.

Planners and Organizers. #NerdLife

Bridesmaids Movie. Nothing brightens up a sad day for me than watching this hilarious movie.

My In-Laws. It’s not everyone who can say they truly love their in laws and I am so blessed to say that I do.

While I’m At It: The Internet.  What would we do without it!

Therapy. Seriously, it has changed my life in so many amazing ways.

Having a full  head of hair with edges. Cuz Lawd, Ive been without and its not fun. Taking care of my hair all 2019 and beyond.

My Church Family. I’d be lost without my church family.

My Blog: the ability to write and express myself through pictures.
It can be extremely hard and easy at the same time. Easy to do, hard to master. Always frustrating. Always rewarding.

Freshly Brewed Coffee. Happy, happy, joy, joy.

Skull Emojis. When something is so funny, Ive died.

Greenleaf Show. Nothing like good church filled drama.

Social Media. Gotta love it.

Happy-hour drinks, accompanied by multi-hour chats with girlfriends. I love a good Moscow Mule these days. Yum!!

Google Maps. Only because I’m the most directionally challenged person in the world.


Healed Healthy Nails. If you’ve followed my blog, you’ll know that Ive been through the ringer this year in regards to my unhealthy nail decisions.

My MAC C-Thru Lip Glass. BLISS!

Employment. I’m thankful for my job. I’m still feeling some kinda way about not hitting the Mega Millions, so I could retire early, but nonetheless, I’m grateful for a job to go to everyday.

Grey Sweat Pants

Magnetic Eyelashes. My life has been turned upside down. Automatic glamour everyday.

Hot Bubble Baths. Scalding hot with LUSH bath bombs and bubble bath. Ahhhhhhhhh……

My Cell Phone. My baby.

Life’s Challenges. For helping me grow and discover who I’m destined to be.

My Kat Von D. Foundation (warm 71 tone). Yes, Yes Yes!

Pay Days. Yes indeed!!

My Car. I thank “Sasha Fierce” daily for safely getting me to where I have to go everyday.

The Opportunity To Travel To Germany. All smiles.

Crabs. Chesapeake Bay’s Finest.

Laughter: The joy I get when I make others laugh.

My Two Living Grandparents. Without them, there would be no ME!

Wigs. My saving grace on bad hair days.

Buffalo Exchange. Endless  hours of consignment shopping. Walking out this store with loads of clothing, coats and boots for under $75.00. I’m forever thankful for Buffalo Exchange!

Imagination. I don’t know where (or who!) I would be without it…

YOU. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and supporting this blog. You. Are. Awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!