My Trip To Munich, Germany

 Our recent family vacation to Munich, Germany. Two words. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I recently posted about how I was born in Germany and that my family and I would be taking the trip of a lifetime to visit ( It’s Official, I’m Visiting Germany). I was not prepared for the breathtaking scenery, the noteworthy beer and the fascinating history of Munich.  I had such an amazing experience and I’m excited to share the list of things we did while vacationing in Munich.


Viewed The City Of Munich On A Bike Tour

Mike’s Bike Tour

We rode our bikes through the city of Munich for 3 hours. Ive never rode a bike for longer than 15 minutes in my lifetime and my daughter pretty much learned how to ride a bike by default. For a once in a lifetime tour of Munich, Id ride for 20 hours. Our tour guide was very thorough in providing commentary of the landmark structures. We braked for lunch at the world famous Chinese Tower Beer Garden, and stopped to watch the surfers ride the waves of the Isar River.


Threw Back Brewskies in the Chinese Tower Beer Garden

Chinese Beer Garden

My favorite beer experienced in the Chinese Tower (Chinesischer Turm) is the Radler. The Radler consists of beer and sparkling lemonade. It is the lowest in alcohol content in comparison to the other beers, but it tastes so good. I’m not a beer drinker, so for me to say I enjoyed beer, it means a lot. You will also run into ENORMOUS pretzels and LARGE pork knuckles. Roasted pork knuckles, which are actually very tasty. LOL!!


Wore a Custom Dirndl And Danced On Tables At Oktoberfest (Night)

Oktoberfest nights are crowded for sure! EVERYONE is located at the Oktoberfest when it hits town. It was definitely a journey to our VIP table, but once we made it, it was ON! I’m normally a very reserved person who would never dance on tables anywhere, but at Oktoberfest, BABY, you dance on tables and you ENJOY it!!

Enjoyed The Games and Rides at Oktoberfest (Day)

I had no idea that Oktoberfest was like a huge amusement park complete with rides, haunted houses, food and games! The kids enjoyed every minute.


Gawked At The Linderhof Palace

We took a 2 hour coach bus tour to visit the Linderhof Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle. Our tour guide provided commentary of each site along the way. First stop, the amazing Linderhof Palace. Home to the late King Ludwig (King of Bavaria). One thing is for sure, King Ludwig stopped at no cost to ensure that his first castle was nothing short of pure gold, gaudiness and attitude. The place was so lucrative that no pictures were allowed. NONE. I was even chastised by one of the tour guides for trying to sneak pictures. 😦


Enjoyed Ice Cream at EisCafe Paradiso


EisCafe Paradiso

Hands down, the best ice cream ever is made in Germany! Fight ME!

On our way back to the tour bus we wandered upon this gem. The Chocolate Covered Strawberry ice cream was heaven. I strongly advise that you visit this ice cream shop if you ever vacation in Germany.


Crossed The Marienbrücke Bridge

After we completed our tour of the Linderhof Palace, we had the option to cross the Marienbrucke Bridge to get to the Neuschwanstein Castle. Once on the bridge, the views were breathtaking and post card-like, however, no one told us that there would be a million people on this bridge and that it felt like we were standing on makeshift cardboard. I felt like I was going to fall to my bloody death in a matter of seconds. I took quick pictures and a selfie and ran off of that bridge!!! LOL!!!

 Trekked To The Neuschwanstein Castle

After dodging a near death bridge experience (I’m dramatic, I know), We started our walk to the Neuschwanstein Castle. King Ludwig’s second and less dramatic castle. This castle was HUGE. I will offer you one piece of advice, there are a million flights of steps that you have to walk. There were no elevators to each level. The Neuschwanstein Castle was not as gaudy and opulent as the Linderhof Palace, but King Ludwig had some grandiose thoughts when it came to his extravagant artistic and architectural projects (some say he had some mental issues, which explains his castle décor). And I thought I was dramatic!! LOL!! Again, the policy for this castle was no pictures. 😦


Strolled The Englischen Garten

We strolled the Englischen Garten a few times during our visit. Its a big, beautiful park with twists and turns throughout. Its really easy to get lost and lose direction in this massive park. ***Beware of the naked sunbathers. They are everywhere. With no shame.***

We watched the surfers surf the artificial wave created by a bridge over the Eisbach stream.

We also hiked our way to the top of the Monopteros Temple. Views!!!

And Then There Was German Chocolate…

Eilles Kaffee

Couldn’t visit Germany without enjoying coffee and German chocolate.

As you can see, I absolutely fell in love with Munich.

Special shout out to our friends who were gracious hosts and ensured that our time was magical. We love you.