Hair Chronicles: Blonde Coiled Bombshell

Have you ever been so happy with your hair that you wanted it to stay the same forever?

I’ve been on many hair adventures and have experienced the highs and the lows. I’ve been weaved, wigged, pressed, relaxed, braided, updo’d, colored, bobbed, etc. You name it, I’ve done it, however, my most recent experience with chopping it all off really has me at peace. I’m not sure if my patience is wearing thin or if I’m just aging 😩.



I recently chopped it all down to the white meat for the tenth time. For years, my hair stylist encouraged me to try natural hair styles, such as, coils, twist outs, and wash and go’s. I would always politely decline and have her do my usual straightening. Even after extreme color and bleaching, Id still suggest straightening my hair. Who has the time to maintain an afro!!  It wasn’t until I dyed my hair lavender and my right side began balding naturally, that I began to think about my stylists advice. It actually took me a year to finally step out there and schedule a natural style appointment and I’m so glad I did!!!

A few weeks ago, I went from bright magenta to platinum blonde. My stylist looked at me like, “I will not be responsible for your Anna Mae Bullock moment. I’m not giving you extreme color and then straightening this!” I assured her that I was ready to confidently wear my natural hair. She gave me the cutest coils and I’ve been in love ever since. She was right the whole time.





I love switching up my hairstyles. I can’t say I won’t get bored with this style down the line, but I CAN say, it won’t be anytime soon!!! ♥️

I’m slowly learning to trust my hair stylist.

Do you trust your hair stylist? Do you take their advice or do you insist on doing your own thing?