Product Review: Magnetic Lashes

Who doesn’t appreciate full, luscious lashes. I know I do. My experience with applying false lashes have been horrific, but Ive never given up. Ive spent hundreds of dollars on lash technicians and had individual lashes applied professionally. While the individual lashes are beautiful, I’m unable to wash my face in its entirety, feeling like I’m seconds away from pink eye. Also, when its time for a lash refill, there are one or two individual lashes left on your eyelids and you look super shady. Just when I thought of giving up my dreams of daily lash fabulousness, I was saved by a good friend of¬† mine. I posted on social media that I would successfully master applying lashes in 2019, even if it killed me. My friend, who is an amazing makeup artist, suggested that I try magnetic lashes.


Do, tell me more!!!!!

I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I purchased the Eylure Luxe Magnetic Mink Effect “Baroque” lash strips from Target. Yes, Target and for $14.99!! I was over the hills anxious to get home and try them out. I was so excited that I almost tore open the box, until I realized I needed the box for blog post pictures. The lashes came in a package labeled “upper” and “lower”. I initially thought the upper lashes were for the upper lid and the lower lashes were for the lower lid, however, the upper lashes are for the top part of your lash line and the lower lashes are for the lower part of your lash line.

Once both sets are aligned, they magnetically click into place. I spent under $20.00, no messy lash adhesive, perfect alignment and instantly I was upgraded to Diana Ross status!! Issa WIN WIN!!


Yup, you cant tell me anything else for the rest of my entire life!


Diana Ross SLAY!

Ladies, have you ever tried magnetic lashes? Were they easier for you? Are adhesive lashes better? Id love to hear from you!