Happy Friday!

landscape photo of green and red balloons
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Today we are going to do something a little different! We’re having a party! A BLOG PARTY!!!!

This is the first blog party that I’ve EVER hosted! I’m a little nervous!

Most of you know how it works, but just in case, here are the party instructions:

  1. Everyone is welcome! But I would LOVE it if you would make sure you’re following this blog before you participate!
  2. Drop your link and a quick bio in the comments section! (Please, only post one time, and please keep it friendly for all ages)
  3. Check out the other blogs and find some you’d love to follow! Let’s build this community!
  4. Please feel free to reblog to expand the reach! Just make sure it links back to this post!
  5. Last but NOT least…HAVE FUN!

Isn’t it nice to meet new friends!

Ready, set….GO!