The Most Influential Style Blogger Instagram Accounts To Follow Now…

I must admit, I obsessively stalk stylish blogger Instagram accounts. What can I say, its my guilty pleasure! At this point, the amount of blogs I have bookmarked on my computer would qualify me as clinically insane. I visit blog pages, make mental notes and yes, I fantasize, because guys, these bloggers are damn good.

Check out the most influential beauty/personal style bloggers that I adore (and stalk) daily.

1. Dayna Bolden

Dayna Bolden documents her day-to-day life, leaving us feeling completely inspired.  From fashion and beauty to travel and family, she has all of the bases covered. Completely obsessed.


2. Kyrzayda Rodriguez

Dominicana Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez quit her job in 2016 to focus on her blog full time. Her beautiful content showcases her passion for fashion, fitness and impeccable style. Last year, Kyrzayda was diagnosed with Stage 4 Stomach Cancer. She bravely chronicles her fight daily and never misses a beat. She is my inspiration.


3. Mattie James

A blog full of style and beauty. Mattie James shares her motherhood, marriage experiences, home decor inspiration, recipes and self care methods (which we all need)through gorgeous yet useful content. She also offers courses to successfully launch a blog, how to increase followers and influence and how to create and batch quality content. Mattie James is a superstar in my book!


4. Hii Pizza

Hii Pizza inspires women to enjoy life’s best moments and to build fun, authentic, and empowering friendships. This stylish circle of friends makes you want to ask, “Can I Sit With You Guys?” I think they’d say YES!!


5. Marjorie Harvey

Love everything high fashion? Mrs. Marjorie Harvey slays and serves! This fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog founded by Marjorie Harvey, teaches us how to  live lavishly on any budget. I’m all the way here for it!


6. Claire Sulmers

Fashion Blogger Extraordinaire! The Godmother of Fashion Blogging! Claire Sulmers is the founder and editor in chief of Fashion Bomb Daily, one of the top 50 influential styles sites in the world. I just have five words. Can I be an intern?!?


7. Color Me Courtney

A Fashionista whose style is colored outside of the lines! Courtney’s vibrant blog and energetic personality lures me in every time.


8. Walter Virgil Jr.

Welcome to the modern-day Menaissance, where street snaps are paramount and style is king. If you are interested in further developing your personal sense of style and building out a timeless, high quality and versatile wardrobe (without breaking the bank), then Walter Virgil Jr. is your guy!


9. Asiyami Gold

A virtual mood board, with colorful snapshots of dream destinations, positive mantras and rich, international cuisines. Asiyami Gold is a visual storyteller and I am obsessed!


10. Blake Von D

Blake Von D’s impeccable style and hair and make up inspires risk taking. Her edgy personal style is why I will always embrace being a “Vondee”.