6 Reasons To Opt For A Fashionable “Work Uniform” Everyday

Uniform- wearing identical articles of clothing every day; wearing a similar outfit or look daily.

I began wearing my work uniform by default. I became obsessed with skirts. Full skirts, Pencil skirts, A-line skirts, Pleated skirts, you name it. I neglected everything else in my closet, I wore skirts everyday. Id pair my skirts with button ups, tee shirts, blouses, etc. I couldn’t envision myself in slacks or dresses anymore at work. I found comfort in wearing skirts everyday.

It occurred to me one day as I was in my closet looking for something to wear. Id exhausted all of my skirt options and was forced to wear a dress. I was annoyed all day. I  decided that I would purchase more skirts and tops and wear it everyday.

A UNIFORM; a Work Uniform!!! By golly, Id just made life simpler!

Your “uniform” is your signature look. Something unique that you’re known for whether that be jeans and a white t-shirt, vintage work wear, full skirts or bright multi-colored dresses.

Having a uniform means that you have a small collection of clothing where each piece fits together seamlessly because each individual piece is of the same style and form.

Your wardrobe is a uniform entirely unique to you. You’re always buying in that “neighborhood” of clothing. Keep in mind, a uniform has to be functional, interchangeable, and reliable.

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Here are 6 reasons why opting for a fashionable “Work Uniform” may not be such a bad idea!

1. You’ll spend less time worrying what to wear because everything goes together

Schools adopted uniforms as mandatory wear for a reason!  It saves students time and worries. The same goes for you. The simple choice of wearing a work uniform has saved me countless wasted hours thinking, “what the hell am I going to wear today?”.

2. You won’t worry if you look good or not

When you finally create your uniform, your identity, you never really have to feel self-conscious again. That same outfit structure that makes you feel your best one day will be the same for everyday.

3. You’ll prevent impulse, trendy purchases because you know it doesn’t go with your uniform

You can easily say ‘no’ to trends or other attractive items because they don’t really fall in line with your uniform.

Now, I will say, I follow trends like no other! I scour magazines, I constantly watch street fashion, Pinterest is EVERYTHING and I was in mourning when Fashion Police went off the air. While I still love to see what looks are in, I no longer feel the need to constantly replicate them.

That doesn’t mean I have to fall behind the curve. If there’s a new trend that I’m into, I simply incorporate it into my uniform. For example, when soft shades of lavender and lilac popped up in Spring ’18 runways, I was in LOVE—but instead of going overboard and buying everything I saw in the soft hue (like I might have in the past), I simply added a single, plush lilac sweater into my rotation.

4. Whats your uniform style?

A strict uniform would be one where you are wearing exactly the same thing everyday i.e. white button down and jeans; navy turtleneck and navy track pants, etc. I’m thinking someone like Mark Zuckerberg.

A minimalist uniform would encompass several different uniforms being put in rotation. Maybe you like wearing a LBD (Little Black Dress for those in the back) with flats, skirts with cutesy tops, and denim with blazers; so you typically only wear only those combos and nothing else. Vera Wang fits this description.

A maximalist uniform could be described as more of a modern day capsule collection. You have a heavy rotation of several outfit combinations with an allowance for trendy pieces. You wear certain types of clothing sets and you have them in every color, texture, or pattern. Think someone like Yara Shahidi.

5. People will know what to buy for you

Ummmmmm, Friends and Family… Are you there? Are you hearing me here? Please listen up!

My uniform dressing has just changed your lives!! Gift giving should no longer be a hassle when shopping. My uniform of choice consists of a full skirt and a top. Any color. How easy is that!

Creating a uniform eliminates the guess work when friends/family are shopping for you.

6. You, Smart Shopper, you!!

Instead of going into Zara (my favorite store, ever) every few weeks and spending hundreds of dollars on six pieces that will be out of style in a month, take that money and use it to purchase one luxe item, like a cashmere sweater, as it will last for years to come and you’ll reach for it time and time again. While I have no problem wearing the same piece two days in a row, if there’s one particular top or pant that makes me look and feel good, I’ll buy it in several colors. That way, I can switch things up and not look exactly the same each day.

With That Said…

Uniform dressing is beneficial in several ways: It helps you prioritize and focus on the important things in your life; it saves you time, money, and effort; lastly, it gives you confidence! A person who knows themselves and their personal style, what works for and looks best on their body, exudes confidence. They own their personal style and there’s no faking that!

Simplify your wardrobe and you can simplify your life!

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