This Woman’s Work

Freres Branchiaux: a handmade body, candle, and home fragrance goods company created by brothers Collin, Ryan, and Austin Gill; located in the DMV.


Last week, Hubby and I decided to skip work and go on a lunch date at Kith and Kin at the new Wharf DC. After lunch, we decided to stroll the area. As we were about to leave, I wandered upon three young brothers, all whom appeared to be under the age of 15. They were set up outside of the exit with a candle display and a sign that read “Freres Branchiaux“. The yummy aroma of the candles lured me over to them. Those that know me, know that I LOVE a good, rich and potent candle! The boys were so sweet, welcoming and informative. The boys took their time and explained the titles and its corresponding fragrances. They answered all of my questions:

  • What does Freres Branchiaux mean? “It means Gill Brothers”
  • Whats your favorite scent?” One of the brothers quickly responded with “Cherry Coco!!”
  • What made you guys decide to start a candle business? The youngest brother simply replied, “We decided to create our business because we wanted extra money to buy toys and help the homeless”.

I loved it! Their parents encouraged them to start a business for their toy money and that’s exactly what they did, in fact, 10% of their proceeds goes to the homeless shelters.

I was SOLD!

I fell in love with with these boys right there on the street and wanted to buy all of their candles to support them. Their work ethic, their knowledge of the product mixed with their professionalism and warm smiles made me so proud. I was impressed!

I purchased, “This Woman’s Work”….

I couldn’t wait to get the candle home to light it up. Once lit, the notes of Bergamot and Lavender hit the air! It smelled so good and even when the candle is not lit, it carries the aroma in the area that it is in.


As we speak, I have another browser up ready to  purchase more candles. You should too!!! Please support and check them out!

Freres Branchiaux

BOYS!!! You have gained a LOYAL customer. Keep up the good work!!!

Wishing you Much Success and Continued Blessings