That Floral Red Number…

I was recently invited to attend the Alliance for Women in Media-National Capital Area Chapter (AWMNCAC) Happy Hour Event and the first thing I thought of was… “What will I wear??”

On the evening of the event, I was pressed for time and literally had about an hour to find an outfit and make it across town to the event on time. I decided to head to H&M located in Tysons Corner Mall.

I had no time to really hunt for an outfit and I did not want to spend too much money on a quick outfit. I headed straight for the clearance section. As soon as I hit the clearance rack, this little red floral number jumped out at me. I looked at the tag like, “PLEASE BE MY SIZE!!” It wasn’t. I’m a size 8, this dress was a size 4, however it was very stretchy and on sale for $12.00! I said a prayer and headed to the cashier.

On my way to the cashier, these little light blue velvet sandals caught my eye. “Would it match with my dress??” Yes indeed. I found some baby blue hues in the flowers on the dress. It’s all about the detail, Ladies!!!

I purchased the dress and the shoes and pressed for time, I changed into my new pieces inside of the nearest mall restroom. With prayer and elasticity on my side, the dress fit perfectly!!! The quickest and cheapest purchase in life!! I searched, purchased and changed into my outfit in less than 30 minutes!!!


Dress courtesy of: H&M

Less than 30 minutes and less than $20.00.


Sandals courtesy of: H&M

That little red floral number was a HIT!!


Accessories courtesy of: ALDO Accessories