Whats In My Makeup Bag: My Makeup Routine

Take a look inside my MUST HAVE makeup bag today with a step by step breakdown of my makeup routine and my go to products.

Makeup Bag: Sonia Kashuk: Target

Ive been asked about my makeup routine for a little while now so I am finally sharing all of my must-have products and details on my makeup routine.

Keep reading for my current makeup favorites and my step by step process.

My Makeup Routine

Step 1

Step 2

  • Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in “Dark Brown”: Next, I shape my brows using this pencil. My brows are pretty much nonexistent, so this step is very important. It takes skill and sometimes repeated efforts to get the brows in perfect condition. I love to use brow pencils that you can sharpen. I’m not a fan of the mechanical eye pencils.

Step 3

Step 4

  • NYX Slim Eye Pencil in “Black”: Ive been using eyeliner since I was 14 years old! Its my go-to makeup accessory. I once thought about getting my lower lids tattooed in black to resemble eyeliner. I decided not to do it because what if I woke up one day and began hating eyeliner? Id be stuck! Everyday pencil use does just fine.. LOL!! I  lightly line my bottom lash line using this eyeliner pencil. Once again I have tried quite a few and this one is my favorite. The same applies with my eyeliner pencils. I MUST be able to sharpen the pencil.

Step 5

  • NYX Matte Liquid Liner: I use this liquid eyeliner to line my upper lid. It makes my eyes pop! It took me a LONG time to master the art of lining my upper lids with liquid liner, but once I mastered it, I never turned back.

Step 6

  • Maybeline Great Lash Mascara in “Very Black”: The most “OLD SCHOOL” mascara in the world; and I LOVE it!!! Ive tried every mascara in the book. From designer to drug store brands. I always fall back into the arms of my Maybeline Great Lash!

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

  • MAC Powder Blush in “Copper Tone”: Blush is another all time favorite for me. I LOVE blush. I feel like I look monotone and boring without blush. I normally apply blush after I set my face. That sounds weird right? It just works for me…LOL!!

Step 10

Step 11

  • MAC Lip Pencil in “Cork”: I use this lip pencil with most of my natural everyday lip glosses. Its a perfect shade for my lip tone and goes perfectly with my everyday lip glass mentioned below.

Step 12

  • MAC Lip Glass in “C-Thru”: My ALL TIME FAVORITE MAC Lip Glass! I use this everyday and I make frequent trips to the MAC Store for replacements. I am not whole with out my C-Thru!

Step 13

  • Florabotanica by Balenciaga: Nothing like a spritz of your favorite fragrance after you apply your makeup. Looking all fabulous, wit yo FABULOUS SELF!!!!


Makeup Brushes: Sonia Kashuk, Target



Sephora by Melissa Schweiger