You Grow, Girl!!

I recently visited my best friends mom, Mrs. Anne, to support her during a difficult time and she insisted that we visit her backyard garden. Simply amazing.

You can tell when someone enjoys what they do. Her garden was grown with LOVE. You know I had to whip out my camera and take pictures. I have some sort of love affair with gardens. I have allergies and hay fever and the outdoors is really not my thing, but I admire flowers and gardens and watching plants/vegetables grow.

I always purchase fresh, unique looking flowers and I love maintaining pots of plants. My kids have an initiative at school called Food Prints, where they grow a garden during the school year; they plant fresh vegetables and then use those vegetables to cook organic dishes in their kitchen classroom. I LOVE volunteering and getting my hands dirty with the kids. Yes, I am a self proclaimed girly girl, but I will definitely get dirty while gardening. Just call me the “Green Thumb Honey”. Don’t laugh at my name… LOL!!

Courtesy of Mrs. Anne’s Garden


Courtesy of Mrs. Anne’s Garden


Gardening is also a source of meditation and  healing. Gardens connect us with nature, provide stimulation for the senses and soothe our minds. I told Mrs. Anne that Id like to learn how to grow a garden like hers and she told me she would teach me. I plan to sit with her and learn how to tend to a garden and I hope that in teaching me, it can be source of healing for her.

Hibiscus Courtesy of Mrs. Anne’s Garden

Gardens and gardening are more than an interest or hobby – they are a way of life, which affects not only our physical health but also our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Courtesy of Mrs. Anne’s Garden
Courtesy of Mrs. Anne’s Garden


Planting a garden is an act of optimism.  When you plant a seed, you put hope in the ground.  Your trust is in the future when there is no present sign that life will come.