5 Legit Reasons Why Tea Parties Are Awesome

No Hangovers

I dont know about you, but I enjoy attending tea parties on Sundays after church. I also enjoy going to brunch after church with a mimosa or two or six  (dont judge me). Attending the tea party may be your best bet because drinking tea in place of booze is less harmful to the body, in more ways than one. While both beverages act as stimulants, what with alcohol being alcohol and tea containing caffeine, the former comes with a lot more consequences. With tea, you don’t have to worry about over-drinking and feeling the pangs of a hangover the morning after.

coffee cup drink tea
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Stress Reducer

Tea parties don’t always have to be made into a party. When I’m researching content for my blog, I like to enjoy a cup of tea. I pile a plate full of store-bought cookies (yes, I put them on the tier, I still need the tea party effect) and steep a pot for myself. As it turns out, when you’re hard at work, one of the best things you could be doing is having some tea if the situation permits. Tea has been proven to relieve fatigue and improve mood and performance. It may even boost memory and cognition in the long run.

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Tea Snacks, Anyone?

There’s just something so dainty yet satisfying about tea snacks. From tiny finger sandwiches and fresh fruit, to shortbread cookies and mini tarts, indulge yourself in something sweet or savory to munch on with your cup of tea. Tea time is incomplete without tasty things to nibble on. Put down the margarita mix, shelve the solo cups and highball glasses for another evening, get to work on some delicious finger foods instead.


Let your Inner Child Run Free

When I hear the phrase, “tea parties,” I immediately think of small children or elderly folks, not young adults or new professionals. You may be wondering, but why do they have tea parties in the first place? Simply put: to enjoy themselves. Whether or not you’ve actually hosted a tea party with your imaginary best friends, let yourself enjoy some silly or serious moments with some friends around a cup of freshly steeped tea.


Sip and Chat

Tea Time is the perfect way to bond with loved ones without the interruptions of texts or emails. Sometimes, we’re talking about something serious or intellectually engaging. Other times, we’re laughing about something off-beat and kind of ridiculous. “My most cherished tea time memories all involve the company of family and friends … A good tea time is one that is not rushed, and one where you actually make the time to enjoy the simplicity of the moment or the company and conversation of the people you are with.” Amen.



Reference: Isabelle Huang, Spoon University