One Day or Day One

Have you made that decision yet?

“One Day” means some day in the future. “One day I’ll visit Spain.” The deeper meaning though is that it’s never going happen; it’s wishful thinking. The person waiting for one day is not doing anything to make it happen. “One day” never comes.

“Day One” means the first day of a plan, “What’s the first thing you are going to do to make that Spain vacation happen.” It means you have specific goals and accomplishments and a way to achieve them.

So the phrase means you can continue with wishful thinking that is never going to get you what you want or you can start planning and acting to accomplish what you want.

There’s no point in postponing. You need to do things you want in your life.

Some people want so much, but, they do very little. They don’t chase after what they need to do to be truly happy.

It’s interesting, to say the least, how we are walking around with loads of objectives and wishful thinking, but we simply don’t go for it.

How many times we say: “I’ll start the diet on Monday” or “this is the year I’ll find my dream job”. But, time passes by and everything remains the same. The diet hasn’t started. The dream job never came.

We’re stuck on “one day” and forget that any time could be “day one”. You’re the only person in charge of the change you need in your life!

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What’s the reason behind starting a diet and going to the gym on a Monday anyway? Start whenever you want, whenever you can. It could be a Wednesday or a Thursday. And the dream job is not going to fall on your lap, you have to look for it.

Some people have very little discipline. Others have no idea where to start (Me, raising my hand).

Truth is, if you want something, you will make it happen. Maybe it will take some time to get there, but, with focus, sooner or later, there will be success.

So, think about what you want different in your life. And consider how you can reach your goals and how important this is for you. It’s the only way for you to start your life changing journey. Adapt! Grow and develop! But don’t forget about your values, because these will keep directing you to your purpose, and you won’t lose yourself along the way.

Build a life you love. There’s no point in stalling.

Start today. Day one!

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Source: Rachel Alvarez, Life Coach