What is Style?



Personal Style Is Curiosity About Oneself

-Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel is a demi-god. With Coke bottle glasses, jewelry that weighs more than she does, and an overall flee-market-slash-desert-bazaar-chic look, it’s easy to acknowledge that the woman is brimming with style wisdom. A bible could be written with Iris Apfel quotes, what with her determination to enjoy life and to stay true to the person you are, no matter how odd that may be. -Marlen Komar


Iris Apfel is currently one of my all time favorite style role models (so much so, she is now my Grandma Iris). Growing up, I always admired my mother’s personal style. The way she got up every morning to apply her makeup and fresh perfume. My mother was and still is the trendiest woman on the block. Always on top of trends and new looks. One of her tips that always stuck with me is, ” A woman should always wear a girdle”. Well alright then, Spanx it is!

As a young adult, my Aunt Tammy became my style maven. I went from admiring my Moms trendy looks to obsessing over my Aunts’ eclectic, but timeless style. Aunt Tammy is always ahead of the curve and well versed in her designer knowledge. Her style doesn’t match, doesn’t make sense, but every minute is an adventure! Every time she is ready to clean out her closet and get rid of things, I’m always there, ready to scoop up anything that is being thrown out. Majority of her items are way too big for me, but that has never mattered to me, Ill fit it one day!!

These women have and continue to shape my personal style perspectives.

As a woman who concerns herself with style, I feel that it’s helpful, if not essential, to have a few strong role models to look up to. Role models who show us that the goal isn’t to be magazine cover-ready, but to glance in the reflection of a store window and enjoy the person staring back at you. -Marlen Komar

As a late 30 something (dont ask, lol), I now merge the styles of Grandma Iris, my Mom and my Aunt. I’m also developing my own personal style. Each day my style evolves, most of the time, I surprise myself with my style choices. I’m incredibly girly, I love to feel feminine, however, I’m looking to incorporate fly sneakers into my wardrobe. I love looking bazaar, I love being well put together, I’m in love with whatever I’m proud of!!


“You have to look yourself in the mirror and see yourself. If it feels good, then I know its for me. I dont dress to be stared at, I dress for myself” -Grandma Iris