Coverup or Kimono?

I was recently invited to a tea party for my late birthday celebration and I wrestled with what to wear. I normally find a cute dress to wear to these events, however I was not in a dress mood. I reluctantly decided on a purple fitted pencil skirt and a white button up collared shirt. You cant go wrong with that combo right? WRONG! My pie eating days  are finally catching up with me. My belly was sticking out of that skirt like I was 8 months pregnant (which I’m totally NOT!!!). I  had to think quick and think fast. What do I have in my closet that is fabulous and will hide this incredibly bloated  midsection? My mind went to the previous Sunday, where one of my best friends came floating into church with a Kimono draped over her form fitted dress. The Kimono added the perfect amount of drama mixed with flair and a dash of YES Ma’am!!!! I had to figure out a way to emulate that look with my own style.

Problem was, I did not own a Kimono. Ive always thought I was too short to get away with a look like that. Then I thought about my recent to trip to Miami where I purchased a jungle green leaved swimsuit that included a matching swimsuit coverup. The COVERUP, that could work!!! I found the cover up and added it to my outfit. PERFECT match! It felt fabulous, it had just enough flair, and most importantly, it hid my midsection. I wore it to church and to the tea party and I was blown away with the comments I received. I kept saying, “Can you believe its a swimsuit coverup!!” I felt confident and I instantly dismissed my thought of thinking I couldn’t wear a Kimono because I was too short (Silly, Silly Me).


Swimsuit Coverup – Chic Couture Online $25.99



Needless to say, Kimono’s ALL Summer 18′


“Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you’re going.” — Pharrell Williams