Flashback Friday: An Afternoon Tea Ritual

Today I’m flashing back to last year when I attended a birthday tea celebration for one of my good friends. I am a self-proclaimed tea snob of the highest order and I look for any reason to indulge in High Tea. The Afternoon Tea Ritual celebration was held at the gorgeous St. Regis Hotel. This place was beautiful and I couldn’t get enough of the opulence of the lobby area in the hotel. The stunning exterior and grandiose lobby couldn’t be missed and it made you feel like royalty. Utter elegance.


The food selections were good but not enough to feel full; Ive visited several tea houses, and I always manage to walk away feeling full. I loved the little sandwiches and the scones, however I would recommend you visit for tea but don’t expect to be full, just come with friends/family to have a fun afternoon. All of the desserts were bite size, so I could sample everything without having my dress burst at the seams.

The St Regis Black Tea Blend was really good and this was the first Afternoon Tea I attended where champagne was served.

We also had the pleasure of witnessing the Champagne Sabering Ceremony in the lobby. The Ceremonial Sabering at the St. Regis is a formal affair, meant to mark the passing of the afternoon into the evening. It was really interesting.


Other than the fact that this tea experience was expensive, Id definitely visit again. I am always on the lookout for a good tea house and I will always enjoy a lavish tea experience!


Comment below if you have visited a good tea house or experienced a lavish high tea recently. Id love to visit!!!

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