Nailed It

My Ballerina Nail Journey

I use to rock long acrylic nails with floral designs and rhinestones (the Bmore Deluxe) back when I was a teenager and into my early twenties. After I began to have children, I felt like my long nails were ridiculous and I didn’t want to be Edward Scissorhanding my babies, so I opted for short little manicured fingers.

Over the past year or so, I’ve noticed extravagant, well planned Instagram pictures of women with long nails of all shapes and sizes. Then I started watching the show “Claws”, and I became mesmerized by the character “Polly”. Polly, in all her conservative glory, would wear a tweed skirt and blazer combo paired with long, stiletto fingers adorned with art and jewels. It was enough to make me begin seeking out all things “Nails”.

I eventually became obsessed with “Coffin Nails”. I’m sure you can guess that this nail shape actually resembles a coffin, which I find incredibly creepy. I rather call these beauties “Ballerina Nails”, because they also resemble a ballerina pointe (anything to  make something extra girly, I’m all for it).

I finally decided it was time to make it happen!!

Join me on my journey from baby fingers to Boom Chicka Wow Wow……


I did my research and decided to travel approximately 40 minutes out of my way to Columbia, MD to a very popular nail salon affectionately called Nail Candy Shop. I decided on my nail artist from the nail art I witnessed on IG (I’m very territorial with my nail artist, I don’t think I’m ready to share her name.. LOL). I actually chickened out when I sat in her chair and I said I’ll just get some Lil ole Almond shaped nails to start off. She looked at me and said, “Almond Nails,  No, you look like a Coffin Nail kinda chick!!!” That was God reaffirming me, saying ” You ain’t travel all the way out here for no almond nails, Go Big or Go Home!!!” You know what, He was right!!

An hour and a nail file later, I was amazed:



Observation #1: Pain Is Beauty

I type a lot for work, so the first issue I ran into was typing on my computer. I thought, what the hell am I going to do!!! I realized, pain is beauty, so I began to use the actual tips of the nails rather than the pads of my fingers to hit the keys. They were a little slippery, and the extra typos continued, but it was a much easier way to go about my day at the office.

Observation #2: Texting Was Surprisingly Easy

I thought that I was going to have problems with using my cell phone, but I found it to be surprisingly interesting. I  love to hear the clickity clackity of my nails hitting the screen. Its probably annoying to some, but I love it!!

Observation #3: Opening Soda Cans Was A Challenge

I had to use the side of my fingers to open a can of soda. My kids thought I was ridiculous as I became frustrated with the can and proceeded to choke the life out of it……




Observation #4: Being EXTRA Careful

I have to be extra careful, because I cannot make those 40 minute trips often and I certainly don’t want to continuously pay repair fees.

Observation #5: My Ballerina Nails Are Here To STAY!!!!!

I cant wait to get more creative!!