Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself…

  1. Who is the mind behind Konfashionable Mind? Gemise Knowles is the creator of  this life and style diary.
  2. What is Konfashionable Mind? Konfashionable Mind is short for “Konfessions of a Fashionable Mind”. I like to think of it as confessing my inner thoughts and giving it a stylish twist. Also, typing out “Konfessions of a Fashionable Mind” in your browser may have been too much, so I shortened it to make it a little easier. My last name begins with a “K”, so spelling Konfessions with a “K” was only right.
  3. When did you realize this blog was needed? The thought of this blog was realized after discussions with my in-laws regarding life goals and revealing Gods gifts. I realized that God had blessed me with a gift and that He was waiting patiently for me to begin utilizing it; and lets face it, I’m not getting any younger <sigh>.
  4. Why has it taken so long for you to establish this blog, knowing damn well its been in your head for years? Wow, ya’ll are savages!! LOL!! Lets see, I’ve basically been afraid of what others may think  of me, full of self doubt, and lacked motivation. I would look at other successful blogs and try to emulate what they had going on. What I failed to realize was, I couldn’t emulate what they had going on, that would never work, I had to be MYSELF!!! Then I thought, well, who am I? I chose to begin a journey of self discovery and I began to figure out who this fabulous voice belonged to!! My thoughts of self doubt slowly faded away and I felt equipped to move forward. As one of my good friends says to me all the time, forget trying to “fake it till you make it”, its now time to “Faith It Till You Make It”.


Watch out World!!